Tristen McGhee, RD, MEd in Trauma & Neuroscience (in progress)
TBRI® Practitioner + Life Coach + Adoptive Mom

As an adoptive mom, I struggled with my son’s behavior and reactions. The pain and heartache of feeling like I was failing at being the mom I wanted to be, drove me towards transformation.

Coaching & Classes

If you want to move from a place of conflict and surviving to a place of harmony and thriving, I can help. I understand the struggle AND I live the solution. Let me come alongside you in your parenting journey.


Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) gave me the insights I needed to begin responding to my child, rather than react. I learned how to help my child feel safe, know they are precious and be heard. I began to be the mom I wanted to be – a mom that delighted in my child, a mom that empowered my child, a mom that helped my child walk down their own journey of hope and healing.

TBRI for Caregivers Series:

Understanding how our child’s history affects their current struggles is the key to unlocking hope and healing. Learn what current research and the experience of seasoned foster/adopt/kinship caregivers has to say about what works and what doesn’t. You will not only learn why traditional parenting methods don’t work but what to do instead.

TBRI for Caregivers is a 4 part series. Each class session is 2.5 hours.

Part 1 - TBRI Introduction & Overview - Meeting the holistic needs of your child.
Part 2 - TBRI Connecting Principles - Designed to meet relational needs.
Part 3 - TBRI Empowering Principles - Designed to meet physical needs.
Part 4 - TBRI Correcting Principles - Designed to meet behavioral needs.

Email me for upcoming dates and additional parenting classes.

Personal Coaching

Oftentimes we know what to do but still struggle to actually do it. I can come alongside you and help you discover the “how”. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us come up with creative ways to implement trauma-informed principles into specific actions for our unique situation. Such as:

I know I’m not supposed to punish but what do I do when my child keeps hitting his/her sibling and I’ve tried talking to him/her about it already. Punishment is the only thing that seems to work but it’s always a huge battle.

Everything I say seems to be a battle. My child fights with me about everything! Where do I even begin! Sometimes, I don’t even like my own child and I feel horrible inside.

Together, let’s figure out a plan of action so that you can address the behaviors without losing your mind! I can help you come up with concrete steps that strengthen the relationship with your child and focus on challenging behaviors.

Other times, it’s a bit more complicated. It could be our own beliefs, thoughts and emotions keeping us from doing what we want/know/think we should do. Sometimes we know better but can’t seem to do better.

I understand I’m supposed to help my child calm down when they are upset but my son/daughter is so mean and disrespectful I get mad back. I’m struggling to get past my own hurt, anger and disappointment.

I don’t have the energy to deal with my child! There is always something I have to address. I never get a break. I’m overwhelmed and tired.

I get it! It’s so hard to “connect” when we feel hurt and disrespected. Let me help you discover how you can show up the way you want for your kiddo without denying your own needs! I care about YOU! Your needs matter too! Let me come alongside you and help you regain your sense of wellbeing, compassion (for yourself and your child) and confidence.

Learning Support Groups

We all need a safe space to talk and be heard. It’s important to join a community of like minded caregivers who understand the unique needs of raising kids from trauma backgrounds. Learning Support Groups are the perfect place to learn how to learn new tools, apply trauma informed strategies to your specific situation, meet other caregivers and be understood. This is a place where YOU can feel safe, precious and heard!

Learning & Connecting Groups – Meets In Person

Currently all support groups are meeting in person in Orange County, CA. Email for more information if you live in Orange County and want to join us! We would love to have you 🙂

Need a Trauma Informed Trainer?

I would love to train your group, in person or virtually. In addition to the TBRI for Caregiver Series, I also teach a variety of other trauma informed classes. Email me for further inquiry.

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